Gardening Ideas

Hello, and welcome to Thank you for joining us! Are you looking for tips to help you get “back to the earth,” and reconnect with nature? Let’s begin! There is nothing like digging in fresh dirt – ask any child! There is a simple pleasure that can only be had when you are picking a vegetable you grew yourself. It’s hard to describe.

In today’s post, we’d like to offer an idea that you can implement if you have limited gardening experience, but would like to experiment with an easy-to-grow plant. Also taking into consideration that you might be wanting to share this experience with children, we thought about short attention spans! So, what is an easy plant to grow that doesn’t take too long, and which will offer results relatively soon?

In our opinion, something like growing sugar snap peas is the perfect plant! First of all, once you plant the seed, you’ll see it pop above the soil in less than 2 weeks, and then, less than 2 months later you’ll be picking them and popping them in your mouth!

For an even faster seed-to-eat product, try radishes! Talk about fast! You’ll plant them and be eating them within a month! Yes, they’re probably a little more bitter than snap peas, but the rewards come quickly.

In our own garden, when the kids came by in the fall, one of the most entertaining things we did was dig up potatoes and carrots. Seriously, watching the faces of children when they unearth these “treasures” is amazing! Yes, they take longer to grow, but they are easy, and as long as you keep the beetles off the potato leaves throughout the summer, you should have some fabulous fun when they are ready to dig up! We’ve never had any trouble with anything eating our ‘taters or carrots, but depending where you live, you may want to ask a local greenhouse what to watch for. Do a quick online search for “best plants to grow in (state your region/area)” and you will find endless ideas you can begin implementing in days!

Happy gardening, and we’ll see you again soon!