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Village,widescreen The   Setting:

Imagine walking through a garden with winding paths, calming music and quaint gift shops nestled within beautiful surroundings with the sound of babbling water.

You can see the above dream become a  reality at Motlow Creek Gardens and the Village Gift Shops, located in northern Spartanburg and Greenville counties at the intersection of  scenic Hwy. 11. & 14.

TAKE    A    SNEAK    PEAK:    Take  a  Moment  to  take  a  Personal  Tour Through  Our  Gardens:

Enter our world by viewing our "Purrennial"  Display Garden, named after our first beloved garden kitty.   The display garden  is planted with perennials that bloom off and on all season.  You will also stroll past our  test plot filled with seasonal bedding plants.  We
are more than happy to share our planting SECRETS with you, so you can achieve the same results at your home.   As you start down our path you will come to our first plant area that is CLEARLY marked with signs that give you plant information:  like size, bloom time, soil requirements, pruning directions and combination  recommendations. You will be amazed to see EACH and EVERY plant is labeled and priced for your convenience.  Now that you are familiar with the layout of our garden areas you will arrive at the first of
five gift shops.

In the Potting & Tool Shed you will find numerous containers and unique gardeningPotting & Tool Shed gadgets that REALLY work.   You will see one of a kind Ladybug Watering Cans, garden pails, antique arranging frogs and outdoor barbeque pits. 

Across the way in the Italian Villa, you will see wall art, wrought iron decor, floral supplies and indoor gardens that are waiting for a loving home. 

Further along the path, you will hear a waterfall and see our Oriental Pavilion and Tea Room .   Stop, unwind and relax in the tea room with a cup of spiced, vanilla or raspberry Chai Tea.  While drinking your tea enjoy the seasonal decorations that surround you and get excited about reproducing the decorations in your own home.   You can also read-up on gardening topics and gather FREE information sheets to study at your leisure.


After you have caught your breath, continue down the path.   You will see great plant and color combinations along the way  to our Birdhouse, a gift shop with  a Cozy Cat Corner and everything animal your heart could possibly desire.   You will even see animals swinging in the breeze !!

After the whimsical Birdhouse, travel to the English Cottage with a wonderfulEnglish Cottage wrap-around porch.   Enjoy seeing rustic farm bells, weathervanes, authentic Russian Tea Sets made from the finest porcelain and of course, all things related to horse and country.   Aromas from mineral and bath salts will tempt  your senses and you may even forget where you are.   As you exit the cottage you will see our multiple greenhouses to browse through.

First you will find our Display Benches flowing with beautiful containers that areDisplay Benches pre-planted with exotic plant combinations and you will find amazing items that have been transformed into "MAGIC" containers

Then your  nose will lead you to our divinely  fragrant  Herb, Wildflower and Perennial Greenhouse.   You  will then be drawn to the coolness of our tranquil Shade Greenhouse.    Once you have filled you cart with wonderful things your eye will lead you to our NATIVE Greenhouse with an impressive amount of plant materials native to the southeast.

We  encourage  you  to  take  the  time  to  drop  by  and  walk  the winding  paths  through  our  shrubs  and  trees.  We  know  you  will  be  inspired  and  you  will  not  be  disappointed.
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